100% Working method to transfer your contacts from iPhone to Android


Import your contacts from your iPhone to android

Apple's iPhone is a really nice device, but for situations that you need to urgently move your contacts to your android device, the this article is a  nice help for you. 

This post will basically contain all the steps for you to learn how to easily transfer all your contacts data to your various android devices from your apple device. 


For all the backups necessary for your iPhone device we all know that we use iCloud, and transferring your contacts to a different android device isn't that different either. You will have to upload the contacts from your iPhone to your iCloud, then we will save it and transfer it to our android device. 

Follow the steps below:
  • First launch either your Firefox or Any browser on your pc or laptop.
  • Then log in to your iCloud account by clicking here to visit Icloud.com
  • Now you select the contact button on the iCloud dashboard account and you will see the list of all your contacts displayed.
  • Then you move on to select all the contacts displayed, or you click on Ctrl/ Cmd +A then that should automatically select or mark all the contacts simultaneously.
  • After all the contacts have been selected then you click on settings, then export vCard, Immediately after clicking that, the download of all your contacts should start automatically, depending on where you saved the downloaded file on your system you should be able to locate it there.
With that done, you have successfully exported all your contacts from your iPhone to your pc now the next step is to import all the contacts to your android device.



  • Log in to your google account using the link accounts.google.com.
  • Now select the google apps button.
  • Choose contacts then select import contacts.
  • Open the earlier downloaded contact file with the extension .vcf and select the file.
  • Select then import then the contacts will be automatically updated on your data connected android devices.
That's all you need to import your contacts successfully. 

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