Aethersx2 - Ps2 Emulator Latest Mod Apk Download


Aethersx2 - Ps2 Emulator Latest Mod Apk Download

Aethersx2 has latest version Ps2 emulator has just been released and the new mod apk for download comes with some latest features, rarely seen in the previous versions.

The new version is quite similar to the ppsspp available on android for all users to download.

You can play ps2 games on mobile and with the help of the new Aethersx2 mod apk you can achieve that at optimum speed on your device. 


The emulator is assume as one of the best PlayStation emulator for users, because it provides stability when playing the games, no crashes at all in game, but the emulator, does requires high end android devices. With the plethora of game play station and play station 2 has you are sure to enjoy the games available on the emulator.


  • Improved Graphics.
We all know ps2 games are old and outdated, but the aethersx2 emulator provides you with multiple features for you to enhance your gaming on your mobile device. The games features and support will dramatically improve the features, fps, textures, quality, resolution and other aspects of the game, giving gamers a lots of new experience to fantom while playing the games.

  • Start easily simulating everything.
Once you have acquired their rom the aethersx2 will help customize your hardware to make it easily simulate games the way PS2 does. 
  • Customizable on screen controls.
As every emulator available does, they provide you will latest on screen controls to aid your gaming but this emulator, does this job superbly, in terms of it allows you to edit, customize and increase your sensitivity based on how you want it.

  • For each games comes different profiles.
The aethersx2 basically provides you with different profiles for each game and you can also create different profiles for a single game. The app automatically saves the profile in game so when you play a particular game you can change the profile as you wish.

  • Built in severs to allow gaming with friends. 
One of the best features of the app is that it provides users with online capabilities to play co-op games that featured on the PS2 to be played with friends, you can seamlessly play games with need for speed duo mode with your friends.

  • Inbuilt save state mode.
The emulator also provides you with a save state mode, so that you can enjoy your games play as you wish and also save your previous data and present data anytime you want it.


The app requires mostly latest Android devices with the processor of at least snapdragon 845 with 64bit and very high quality performance cores.


You can download Aethersx2 latest mod apk ps2 emulator using the link below

Aethersx2 - Ps2 Emulator Latest Mod Apk Download


Since the app is a normal APK there is no need to download anything else and install.

Just download, install, and start playing.

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